Plastic foundry

Plastic foundry


engineered Plastic building products to suit the needs of the modern home builders. If your in search of a way to over come building problems then plastic foundry may have the solution for you. we have tried and tested all parts with local trades men who share there stories. we can make bespoke building parts for plumbers, joiners, bricklayers, electricians and painters. Handyman Bob has been a customer of our for years and shares his story how he over come many problems with us. ” I recall when I had to fix a shower in Newcastle last year.

The customer had a leak in the bath and the drain was leaking on to the floor boards. I needed a product to stop the leak fast so I contacted plastic foundry and there helped me build a product. the product in question stopped the water getting on to the floor and solved the problem.



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Plastic Foundry building products